Ole Mexican

Client: Ole Mexican Foods
Project: Brand Awareness
Lead Generation Campaign Optimization Campaign Measurement


Launching a unique product in the health food sector demanded a shift in target audience and messaging. We aimed to appeal to consumers who typically indulge in foods while highlighting health benefits.Our strategy included tailored messaging and visuals to strike a balance between indulgence and health consciousness. Thorough market research informed our approach, ensuring resonance with flavor seekers seeking nutrition. This innovative strategy aims to establish brand loyalty and long-term success.


We introduced the slogan “From Zero Net Carb to 100% Delicious” to highlight the health and flavor aspects of the tortillas. The digital campaign showcased delicious Mexican recipes made with the tortillas, challenging the perception that healthy equals bland.

Partnering with hispanic influencers, we demonstrated the versatility of the tortillas in creating flavorful, healthy meals. Targeted ads were placed near retailers stocking the product, and a Spanglish campaign celebrated La Banderita’s Hispanic roots while appealing to the General Market.


2M US Consumers

Reached over.

600 new newsletter

To expand the campaign in more states.


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